About us

About Us

VISION: Slovenia as a friendly destination for travelers with motorhomes.

The all-Slovenian project Network of motorhome stops across Slovenia has laid good foundations for future work since June 2014, when the initiative was presented at Mirna.


Slovenian municipalities are involved in the project, which are united by the awareness that travelers with motorhomes are valuable guests who want to explore and experience Slovenia up close and by no means just from the highway.


It is a unique way of connecting Slovenian municipalities, which is an opportunity for targeted promotion of the local community.


With the logo, we connect the motorhome and Slovenia as a whole, we symbolize connection and continuous movement, development, growth, with soft lines we emphasize the diversity of the Slovenian landscape, and with openness, the possibility of continuous expansion and integration.


With the slogan “Stop – Rest – Experience Slovenia in a Motorhome”, we invite travelers with motorhomes to stop in Slovenia, rest and, above all, experience our beautiful, diverse and green country.


In the partner municipalities, travelers with motorhomes can currently stop at more than 160 different locations. In some places he can be cared for, in other places he can just spend the night carefree, and in some places they offer him all the comfort he needs while traveling and exploring. Above all, all locations are an excellent starting point for exploring and experiencing Slovenia.


Currently, in addition to the supporting municipality of Mirna, the MPZA SLO project includes the municipalities of Ajdovščina, Ankaran, Apače, Bled, Braslovče, Brežice, Celje, Cerknica, Cerkvenjak, Divača, Dobje, Dobrepolje, Dobrovnik, Domžale, Dravograd, Gornja Radgona, Grosuplje, Hoče- Slivnica, Hrpelje-Kozina, Ivančna Gorica, Izola, Kamnik, Kidričevo, Kočevje, Koper, Kostanjevica na Krka, Kozje, Kranj, Kranjska Gora, Krško, Lenart, Ljubljana, Ljutomer, Loška dolina, Lovrenc na Pohorje, Markovci, Metlika, Miren -Kostanjevica, Mokronog-Trebelno, Moravske Toplice, Murska Sobota, Nova Gorica, Novo mesto, Odranci, Ormož, Pesnica, Pivka, Polzela, Prebold, Preddvor, Ptuj, Radenci, Ribnica, Ribnica na Pohorje, Ruše, Semič, Sevnica, Sežana , Slovenj Gradec, Središče ob Drava, Straža, Šentilj, Šentjur, Škocjan, Škofja Loka, Šmarje pri Jelšah, Šmarješke Toplice, Trbovlje, Trebnje, Tržič, Velenje, Velike Lašče, Vitanje, Zagorje ob Sava, Zreče, Žalec, Železniki, Žiri , Žužemberk.


  • in cooperation with experts, establish a network of stops for motorhomes with standardized equipment
  • to stop and keep travelers with motorhomes in Slovenia – let them get to know the touristic and culinary beauties of our country up close, on foot or by bike, not from the highway
  • joint presentation of the network and the municipalities included in it and a unified appearance on the European tourist exchange

GUIDELINES for a stop in the Network of motorhome stops in Slovenia:

  • sufficiently large, physically separated or fenced horizontal and hardened surface (for at least 4 parking spaces)
  • adequate driveway 24 hours a day (for vehicles over 3.5 t in weight; adequate width and height), which is appropriately marked
  • the dimension of one parking space is 6×10 m, the load capacity of the floor is at least 3.5 t
  • enough maneuvering space – possibility of turning/circular route
  • supply station (drinking water, electricity, waste water discharge, possibility to empty toilet cassettes)
  • garbage containers (waste separation)
  • discrete indirect lighting
  • service-tourist board:
  • price list and house rules
  • contacts of the caretaker, the nearest services and medical assistance
  • hints for a trip, recreation…
  • catering offer
  • wireless internet


  • very open and sociable
  • self-confident and responsible, in step with the times
  • with a positive self-image and a sovereign appearance
  • curious, exploratory – they usually stay in one place from 2 to 4 days
  • two adults usually travel in a motor home
  • tidy, orderly – they clean up after themselves or they leave the premises in the same condition as they received
  • they rarely cook at rest areas
  • what do campers want?
    • more than 75%: walking, hiking
    • more than 60%: rest, sleep, reading, shopping, wandering
    • more than 40%: cycling, catering services, sightseeing, visiting museums, making acquaintances, swimming


  • from 500 m2 reserved space only for motorhomes
  • PzA = construction engineering facility – construction documentation and administrative permits:
  • a BUILDING PERMIT + PZI is MANDATORY for any new development of a parking lot larger than 200m2
  • if there are no construction interventions and the parking lot is already arranged, it only needs to be properly equipped (connections to GJI – a simple facility) and marked
  • Is it necessary to determine the intended use for PzA in OPN?
    • in settlements on building land (SS, SK, CU…) it is not necessary, if there is e.g. permissible activity – recreation, economic public infrastructure and permissible facilities for these activities
    • in nature, near a settlement or tourist attraction (on K1, K2, G), a dedicated
      • depends on the conditions of the individual location
      • terrain and traffic conditions
      • proximity to an existing settlement
      • protection
      • sociological aspect
      • and from the provisions of the zoning act for the specific location


  • collaboration and integration
  • Slovenian tourist offer through the eyes of a camper – gather interesting things in one place
  • Common Brand and Logo
  • website (in addition to the presentation of the stop, it also includes the offer of each municipality)
  • prints: brochure with map
  • events
  • … joint appearance on the European tourist map and market