The supporting municipality of the project Network of motorhome stops across Slovenia is the Municipality of Mirna.

Municipality of Mirna

Main road 28

8233 Mirna

The head of the project is the mayor of Mirna Municipality Dušan Skerbiš, the professional colleague of the municipal administration of Mirna Municipality who is in charge of the project is Lea Bučinel, the project coordinator is Petra Krnc Laznik.

Can anyone else join us?

Every Slovenian municipality is a tourist destination, therefore any municipality that recognizes the potential of a motorhome traveler can join the company of partner municipalities, and the project offers a unique opportunity to jointly promote Slovenia as a destination that is friendly to motorhome travelers.

Send an e-mail with your questions, an initiative for a personal presentation of the project and/or a desire to join to


How do you approach it?

The municipality/local community signs a DECLARATION OF ACCESS to participate in the project Network of motorhome stops across Slovenia, which is the basis for signing a contract on cooperation and co-financing of mainly promotional activities with the project holder, i.e. the Municipality of Mirna.


Cooperation with campers

Travelers with motorhomes are welcome to share your observations from the field with us. Photos of your stop at one of the locations, a few words about how you felt, suggestions for improvement and, of course, praise are all welcome. Together we can make Slovenia a friendly destination for travelers with motorhomes.

Write to us at


Social network Facebook

Municipalities that are part of the all-Slovenian integration project are also represented on the FB page – Slovenia in a motorhome.